Anatomy of a Child & Family Investigation

Where: Millennium Harvest House, Boulder
When: 11:30 am to 1:15 pm
Presenters: Hon. Norma Sierra of the 20th Judicial District Court,

A Panel Presentation Presented by:

  • Hon. Norma Sierra of the 20th Judicial District Court
  • Family Law Attorney Josh Anderson, Esq.
  • CFI Susan Vanderborgh, J.D.
  • The panel will discuss and answer questions regarding: 

    1. What attorneys and judges would like to see to make the best use of CFI reports in litigation and settlement negotiations.
    2. Why CFIs do things a certain way and can’t or won’t always give attorneys exactly what they are seeking.
    3. How attorneys and judges can craft orders appointing CFIs so that they are more likely to receive the information they seek.
    4. When is it more appropriate to request a PRE instead of a CFI
    5. Best practices for CFIs