Making Sense of Parents’ Extreme Reactions & Erratic Behaviors: Is it PTSD, a Personality Disorder or Simply Bad Behavior?

Where: Program & Luncheon at the Millennium Hotel-Boulder
When: 11:30am -1:15pm
Presenters: Dr. Gene Gross, Psy.D.
Cost: Covered by Membership plans / $32 for Non-Members

Various issues and stresses in litigated divorce cases can make one or both of the parents looks as if they have a serious mental health issue. How can you tell the difference between temporary insanity (divorce stress), a trauma response, or a more serious mental illness like a personality disorder? This presentation will help mental health professionals discriminate between passing issues and more serious persistent ones. The major types of personality disorders will be discussed. Attorneys will learn when they need to make referrals and how to make sense of a diagnoses of their clients and client’s ex-spouses.

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