Special Needs Trusts and Divorce

Where: Boulder County Courthouse - Jury Room
When: 12:00PM - 1:15PM
Presenters: Diedre Braverman, Attorney

Diedre Braverman is currently the Principal Attorney and co-Founder of Braverman Law Group, LLC, a Colorado trusts and estates law firm located in Boulder. She was the Principal Attorney and Founder of Wachbrit Braverman, PC, a California trusts and estates firm and was a Senior Associate at McKinsey & Co., an international business consultancy firm. She’s been quoted and featured in numerous publications which included the Wall Street Journal, Working Mother Magazine, Time Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens to name a few

Her presentation will cover the introduction to Special Needs Trusts and why they’re necessary, how they work, and when they’re generally used in divorce. She’ll address the two types of Special Needs Trusts and key issues in using them in divorce. She’ll answer many questions about who the trustee should be and which parent should pay child support: another friend or family member, or an independent paid trustee and the various options. Lastly, where the assets should go if the child does not spend them all and which parent is responsible for compliance with benefits-program rules and limitations.

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