How To Complete Your Membership Profile


As a reminder, please be sure to complete your profile – go to the Account Page and click on “Profile” below the blue box. The profile is used for the directory listing and this is where fellow members and the public can go when they are looking for a referral.

When completing your profile, the more fields you complete the better but please pay particular attention to the following:

  1. Credentials for Directory Summary – this is a freeform entry
  2. Tagline for Directory Summary – this is a freeform entry. The tagline is a short phrase that describes your services
  3. Credentials/Services Offered – select the credentials that apply to you. To select multiple, hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click on the specific credential. Let us know if you don’t see your credential and we’ll add it.
  4. Upload a photo. The photo needs to be approximately square for the image to display correctly. See the instructions below for how to do this using your iPhone.

Instructions on how to upload your profile photo from your your I-Phone:

Open the “Camera” app. Either swipe up anywhere on the screen or tap the chevron (arrow) icon at the top of the screen. This brings up all the extra options at the bottom of the viewfinder.

Tap “4:3” (that’s the iPhone camera’s default crop).

Tap “Square” to switch from 4:3 mode to Square mode.

Cropping Photos Afterwards

Shooting square photos just pre-crops your images. Your iPhone still saves the full file, so you can go back to the original 4:3 image at any time. Or you can crop any existing image into a square. Here’s how.

Open the image you want to crop in the Photos app. Tap “Edit” and then the crop icon.

Next, tap the aspect ratios icon and select the option you want.

You can pinch to crop in or out, and drag the edges of the crop tool to change the framing of your image. When you’re happy, tap “Done” to save the results.