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The BIDC unites an interdisciplinary community of professionals working in the complex realm of divorce, family law, parental responsibility and mental health.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for families by providing training, consultation and community to professionals who navigate family law issues.

From its beginnings in the 1970s, the BIDC has supported the Boulder professional community with programming on various aspects of divorce. The field of divorce is complicated and nuanced, and can often tether professionals to their offices. As society and laws shift, and as psychology evolves, there is a constant need for professionals to educate themselves on changes. The interdisciplinary approach is at the heart of the BIDC’s commitments. By educating members on issues of law, psychology and evaluation, each professional develops a well-rounded understanding of the issues and systems impacting their clients’ lives.

Today it has evolved to a community of over 100 members and has maintained its commitment to education, community and an interdisciplinary spirit. Members come from many disciplines, including social work, psychology and law.

Members serve in various capacities, including as:

  • Parental Rights Evaluators (PRE)
  • Parenting Coordinator and Decision Makers (PC/DM)
  • Parenting Time Supervisors
  • Child and Family Investigators (CFI)
  • Psychologists
  • Mediators
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Parenting Coaches
  • Psychotherapists for children and adults


The BIDC offers interdisciplinary peer-consultation groups in Longmont and Boulder; a facilitated consultation group for mental health professionals and evaluators; monthly programming; and, workshops to help members hone their skills.


BIDC’s Objectives

  • To provide community and support for professionals working in the complex and challenging realm of domestic relations.
  • To support its members in developing thriving professional practices.
  • To build bridges of connection and understanding between attorneys and mental health professionals who support families going through divorce and other legal processes related to parenting.
  • To offer education and workshops to domestic relations professionals.
  • To create a strong and vibrant professional network for members.
  • To highlight the concerns and values of its members with the wider community.

Board of Directors

Executive Team

Administrative Coordinator