Consultation Group

Mr. Backerman will be leading an ongoing consultation group for mental health professionals who work in a variety of areas involving child custody issues. Group members should either have experience in, or interest in learning about CFI and PRE evaluations, PC/DM work, mediation, supervised parenting time and psychotherapy with high conflict divorced families. The reason for mixing these various roles is that many families we work with have similar characteristics and members will gain knowledge from hearing of others member experiences and solutions and not just the opinion or knowledge base of the group facilitator. The group will be limited to ten members and regular attendance is strongly encouraged to facilitate a more helpful and trusting group atmosphere. If more than ten people are interested, we may form a second group to accommodate them.


Boulder Public Library
1001 Arapahoe
Flatiron Meeting Room on Second floor.
Free 90 minute parking in the lot

2022-2023 Dates to be determined