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Caroline Scheiber
Address 1
2919 Valmont Rd, Suite 206
Business Name
Psychological Assessment and Therapy Services LLC
Credentials/Services Offered
PhD, Teen Therapy, Adult Therapy, Psychological Testing
PhD in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego in conjunction with Yale University (dissertation focus: psychometrics and measurement). Postdoctoral fellowship from Stanford University School of Medicine. Masters degree from New York University.
With 20 publications in well-known specialty journals with focus on psychological assessment, measurement and psychometrics, I specialize in psychological testing for adults and adolescents in a variety of legal proceedings, including but not limited to Sorensen capacity evaluations, mental health evaluations stand alone or as part of PREs/CFIs, neurocognitive testing, independent living evaluations and ability to work and care for oneself independently, and rebuttal reviews. I also offer therapy services for adults and adolescents with focus on divorce and separation, anxiety, depression, and cancer care. Languages: English and German